Friday, April 1, 2011

Thoughts from Today

I can't think any more clearly than bullet points, but feel the need to process....
  • I have a headache. I've had it all day. That doesn't really relate to anything else that I'm about to say. 
  • Luke has a HUGE test tomorrow. It's 6 hours of essays. On theology. It determines if he graduates or not. Stress levels are pretty high in our house right now!
  • Because of said test, I've been on my own a lot more this week. Not only have I had less help from Luke with the kids, but all of our talking has been focussed on him, not me. 
  • I have such great people in my life right now. My kids have been cared for, my house has been cleaned, and I've been able to have some really good conversations this week. I feel like God's hand is so strongly working in my life, and it is evident by the countless people who have stepped up to help me out when I've asked. 
  • I'm thinking a lot lately about discipline and raising children who know God, not just follow morality. I'd love to have the time to read about it, blog about it, talk to people about it, etc. Coming Soon
  • Today has been rough. I really struggled to make it to the end. The circumstances were ripe for a bad day. A few weeks or months ago, I probably would have crumbled. Today I survived. I was able to assess what I needed to make it through, then make sure I had that. This bullet point is really good.
  • Tomorrow begs to be rougher. I'm taking the night/morning shift with the boys (usually Luke's job) so he can get some good rest before his test. Then I have the whole day with the kids. And this is after a rough day. I'm prepared to call in more favors if I need them. <-----That is the key right now.
  • God is good. He has provided so much. He has been faithful, even when I have not. His redemption is beautiful and powerful. I could write every day about it and still not capture it all. Maybe I'll try anyway. Coming Soon
  • My head still hurts, I'm tired, tomorrow will be long, and I think the boys are finally sleeping. I think I'll join them. 
  • I'm not taking the time to proofread this before posting. I'd say "sorry" but I really mean "get over it." And I mean that in the nicest possible way. :~D (I just lied--I looked at the "preview." The formatting is screwed up and some of my sentences are unclear. I'm not fixing them.)

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