God's Beauty

Warm, comfortable clothes
Redemption, seen in so many places
My little boys wrestling and squealing
Cozy scarves
Christmas hymns
Ayden and his friend holding hands as they run through the Zoo
Silly jokes and insults with my Luca
Ayden's smile
The clean feeling of a new toothbrush
Little friends from school
Our strong car heater on full power, with no one else in the car to complain
A vibrant, God-centered, loving church to belong to
Ayden's silly dancing and Judah's joyful dancing
A warm and comfortable house, with soft beds and couches 
Summer flowers with delicate shapes and brilliant colors
Ayden's muddled sentences as he describes a part of his day
Love and sharing blooming in my boys' lives
The thick warmth of a summer heat wave, and the relief of air conditioning
A loving hug from my dear husband
Judah's bright eyes and enthusiastic voice
Ayden running as fast as he can, and Judah trailing after him
The wonder in Judah's eyes as he stares at the giraffes
Sinking my tired body into a comfortable couch
Ayden's joy at piecing a puzzle together
The pure honesty of a toddler
The giggles of little boys chasing and hiding and playing
Bright lights, making life warm and cozy
A quiet, quiet house to myself
The scent of brownies in the oven - all for me. 

The contents of this page are inspired by the book, "One Thousand Gifts," by Ann Voskamp. In that book, she recounts a period of her life where a friend dares her to write a list of a thousand things that she loves. It is in the making of that list that God teaches her how to see His beauty in the little things in life, and to pause and be thankful for them.

I'm not aiming for a certain number, nor can I guarantee that I will be consistent about adding things here. But I'd like to start, and would love if others would add more in the comments section.

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