Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Aydenisms

Time for more recent quotes from Ayden.....

As Luke got out the Bible after dinner:
"Mama, shhh, readin' Bible Jesus"


Me: "Ayden, I can't pull you fast in the wagon because I have an owie on my foot."
Ayden: "I go inside get medicine (for) mama."
(Upon returning from his bedroom with his hands full of something invisible)
Luke: "Ayden, what is that?"
Ayden" "Chocolate!!!"


Ayden: "Mama, what's that?"
Me: "That's Mama's ice cream."
Ayden: "Oh! No touching Mama's ice cream."


Ayden's great-grandparents were arriving and I told him to go to the front porch to see them. Soon I hear:
"I help you, Granny"
Reputedly, he then reached out his hand to take hers while she went up the last few steps.


Overheard while I was in the bathroom and Judah was crying:
"It's ok, Judah. Mama goin' potty. She be RIGHT BACK."
Judah stopped crying.

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  1. the second and the last ones are my favorite! :)