Sunday, March 27, 2011

A song in my head....

It's probably been at least a decade since I last heard this song by Rebecca St. James (is she even around anymore?). But it's been in my head for a few weeks. She sings it acapella on a "hidden" track at the end of another song. It is so simple and I really love the lyrics.....

Psalm 139

You search me
You know me
You see my every move
There's nothing I could ever do
To hide myself from You
You know my thoughts
My fears and hurts
My weaknesses and pride
You know what I am going through 
And how I feel inside

But even though You know
You will always love me
Even though You know 
You'll never let me go 
I don't deserve Your love
But you give it freely
You will always love me
Even though You know

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