Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Fog is Lifting

Life was a haze
I was there, watching my children play and cry and eat
But I wasn't really there
I changed the diapers and sang the songs
But I was buried
I would hear their cries
I could feel a tinge of compassion
But I didn't move
I'd offer a heartless word to try to appease one
And a toy or a blanket to appease the other
I knew they needed more
I couldn't do it
I watched myself ignore the things swirling around me
My husband needed a partner
I couldn't do it
My sons needed a Mama
I couldn't do it

Then slowly
Very slowly
Too slowly to see in the moment
The fog began to lift
I responded to a cry
I smiled as I sang
I tickled and giggled and played
Now I find that my cheeks hurt from the laughter
My legs and arms ache from the endless activity
My mind is clearing
My heart is open
Life is returning
I am returning

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