Sunday, August 28, 2011

Leaps and Bounds

Judah's development recently is more than a FB status can handle; he needs an entire blog post!

Today marks 11 months for the little guy.

Less than 2 weeks ago (15th) Judah took his first step on his own. Since then, he has been practicing with 2-3 steps at a time between furniture or into our encouraging arms. Today, he took it to a new level. He lets go of whatever he is holding onto and just goes, with no concrete end in sight. He is still only getting about 5 steps at a time without falling, but something has clearly changed in his thinking. Every opportunity that he can get, he takes off without holding on. Even if he is walking alongside the couch, he lets go of it so he can walk on his own. 

Meanwhile, he's been actively teething for a few weeks (without any visible results). A few days ago, I was feeling in his gums and all FOUR of his front teeth are just under the surface. I think he is trying for four first teeth at once, and it could be any day now. 

In other news, it's been a few months since we first heard "Mama" pop out of his mouth, with a pleased grin on his face. He added a few other words right away, such as: duh-dee (daddy), buh-duh (brother), ud-dee (Ayden), and more recently, NEH-NEH-NEH-NEH-NEH-NEH-NEH-NEH!!! (NO). But other than that handful of words, he was mostly babbling and didn't seem to have any interest in expanding his vocabulary. Until today. This morning he was whining during breakfast, so I got him a glass of water and said, "do you want some water?" (not really expecting a reply). Immediately he smiled and said, "wuh-duh." Then later, when Luke was changing his diaper, he began mimicking Luke and saying some version of "diaper." I wasn't there, so I don't know how it all went down, but two intentional words in one day is quite the leap for him!

Judah is one. smart. kid. Like really. I know, I know, I am his mom and that totally invalidates my opion of of his intelligence (or anything else I might compliment him on!). But when he was at Luke's sister's house a few days ago, he proved to us all his amazing intellect and skill. She had left him downstairs in the living room while she went upstairs to change her baby's diaper. She blocked the passage to the entryway (where the staircase is) using a baby gate, and blocked the dining room with a bunch of chairs. My little Schmo found a way through the chairs into the dining room, turned and crawled through the kitchen, and turned again to come back into the entryway so he was on the other side of the gate. He then proceeded to crawl an entire flight of stairs (that curves at two places!!) and peeped his head up at the top of the stairs to say hi and join in on all of the fun. Pretty darn brilliant, eh?

I suppose that's it for now; if I do any more Mama-bragging, no is going to come back and read anything! However I will say that by his first birthday, I think I will be dealing with a completely different child than I have right now. 

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