Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Morning with Ayden

Our almost-two-year-old is pretty adorable, even if he is a bit unpredictable.
 Luke put Ayden in a super-cute outfit with a red button-up shirt. When he walked out of his bedroom, I exclaimed, "Ayden, you're cute!" Ayden's reply: "nooooooo" - in the loudest, whiniest voice he could muster. Me: "But Ayden, red is my favorite color. Can you come here so I can see your shirt?" And then he cried. Hard. Like I had just taken away his favorite toy or something.


Luke: Ayden, do you want a banana?
Ayden: Yes
Luke: Ok, daddy will get it for you.
Ayden: nooooooooo (again, in the loudest, whiniest voice you can imagine)
Luke: You don't want the banana?
Ayden: NO!
Luke: Ok, daddy will have one then
Ayden: (desperate) no, no no, no, no
Luke: Oh, you want the banana?
Ayden: Banana!!
He never did eat the banana.


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