Monday, January 10, 2011

diapers, toys and winter hats

It's been exactly one hour since I awoke to Luke frantically coming into our bedroom asking, "Judah is crying, what do I do with him?!?"

Good morning, world.

Luke and I decided last night that he would get up with Judah for his early morning feeding, give him a bottle, put him back to bed, then go to work super-early. All went according to plan until Judah woke up again soon after Luke put him back to bed. We decided to leave him, in the hopes that he would go back to sleep.

It wasn't long before I heard Ayden. Great. Now I have 2 screaming children and I still can't quite get both eyes to open at the same time. Maybe they'll go back to sleep?

Eventually I went in to get them (still not quite awake). Both kids quieted from their "I'm so distressed that I might die!" crying almost immediately upon seeing me. Remind me to tell them the story about that boy crying "wolf" all the time. They could learn a few lessons from it.

So I get Ayden out of his bed and straight to the changing table. Change his diaper and set him free. Get Judah out of bed and start changing his diaper. Oh, awesome, your diaper didn't hold it all in. As I'm giving Judah a baby-wipes bath and changing his clothes, Ayden starts discussing who gets diaper changes:
"Judah diaper change."
"Yep, I'm changing Judah's diaper."
"Ayden diaper change." 
"Yep, I just changed your diaper."
"Mama diaper change."
"No, Mama goes in the potty, she doesn't have a diaper to change."
"Ayden potty now."
"Ayden, you can't go potty now because I am changing Judah's diaper. And, I just changed your diaper, silly!"

He runs back to play, and soon I hear him whining, "Ayden diaper change!!" In other words, "Mama, stop paying so much attention to Judah. If you want to change a diaper, change mine instead so you can give ME attention!!" Nevermind that he hates having his diaper changed. Usually I reply to this by telling him, "Of course I'll change your diaper! Just as soon as I finish with Judah." Then I change his barely-wet diaper. We wouldn't want him to think that his Mama is neglecting him by refusing to change his diaper. But this time, since I literally JUST finished changing his diaper, I told him no. Cue tantrum.

I finish getting Judah all cleaned up and dressed. And as I walk past Ayden (now playing; the tantrum was short-lived), I smell something. You've got to be kidding me. I turn around and put Judah back in his crib to play while I change Ayden again. If you're counting, this is three diapers in a row. If you recall, I only have two children. And yes, he asked to go potty first. And then he asked for me to change his diaper and I told him no. Mama-fail.

For all of you NON-mothers-of-preschoolers: this is why moms of little kids don't shower. Or return phone calls. Or any other number of socially acceptable things. I'd like to say that this was a crazy, unusual morning, but it was actually quite manageable compared to most. After all, I did find the time to blog. Granted, some of that writing was done s -l-o-w-l-y one-handed while nursing Judah, and it's taken me two hours to write this so far.  Ayden is a constant demand-producing machine. He needs a toy turned on. He got stuck trying to take his PJ's off. He disobeys and needs a time-out. He wants more crackers or juice or cars or anything. And of course we have to play and color and do puzzles.

But how cute is it to watch a toddler attempt to put pants on by himself for the first time (continuously commenting, "pants broken now" or "too small, Judah's"). Or seeing him try and try again every time you show confidence in him. Or to watch Ayden give Judah kisses and hugs repeatedly, while Judah smiles and giggles at all of the attention. Or when Judah can't take his eyes off of the imaginative play that his brother is continuously engaged in. And I can't even tell you how hilarious it is to watch Ayden run around the house wearing just a white onsie and his winter hat.

I suppose these kids are kinda cute......Good morning!

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