Monday, October 3, 2011

Faith in Doubt (Part 2 cont'd): A Poem

A continuation of the series by Luke, Faith in Doubt.

During this confusing time I wrote this poem.  

I look at the sea
Do you know what I see?
No master’s canvas
No ruler’s order
Just water in Chaos

I turn to the stars
Do you know what I hear?
No slamming gavel
No compassionate cry
No angry horde
Vast Quiet

The stars are silent
The seas are brutal
Faint cries persist
Sometimes not so faint
No matter

The world has moved on
What use is a child’s fancy?
We are older now
As it ought to be
Yet, I am still troubled
My awe remains

Novelty is gold
Away from the light
But awe remains

Our games have ended
The afternoon is through
We’ve washed up for supper
In preparation for the night
But awe remains

How can the same spark light truth and madness?
Perhaps awe is madness

The stars are quiet
The seas are brutal
Faint cries heighten to horrific bellows
But no matter
Awe remains
My madness still speaks
It tells me to wait
It tells me that the show is about to start

Is it madness or is it truth?
Ask the stars and the sea
Because I really don’t know

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